Miscellaneous Pictures


Miscellaneous Pictures
from the Uhlenkott Side

Daddy after skiing

Only a couple years ago!  Aunt Kristina, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Jacob

A little more recent with Uncle Paul in the mix.

What a snow cave.  Nothing like a good Idaho snow storm.

Why does Kristina look younger than the others here? Great Idaho pastimes: train watching and fishing.  Here is your first glimpse of Uncle Dan.
And here is Aunt Rachel, just a mere 8 months old. Grandpa, Great Grandparents, and Grand Aunts and Uncles
(back row:  Uncle Bill, Uncle Tim, Grandpa, & Uncle Pat)
(middle row:  Aunt Elaine, Aunt Kathryn, Great Grandma, and Aunt Mary)
(front and center:  Great Grandpa)


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