July 2004

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The latest news .... Theresa went on her first roller coaster ride! We took a little adventure to the Silverwood Theme Park and talked Theresa into taking a ride on the Silverwood Tremors, the Northwest's wildest coaster. As quoted from the Silverwood website:

Three big-time roller coasters, including two world-renowned wooden coasters, are sure to satisfy. Tremors, the 60-mile per hour slingshot that drops you 103 screamin’ feet into a pitch black tunnel of terror. Speaking of terror, Timber Terror is Tremors’ slightly smaller but equally twisted cousin, and the aptly named Corkscrew will turn your world upside down – not once, but twice.

Although she didn't quite make the minimum height requirement, she climbed aboard next to her encouraging Aunt Kristina. And the rest is history. Mommy and Daddy, in the seats directly behind them, were soon to learn and regret what they had gotten their daughter into. But, as you can see from the picture, Theresa not only survived the experience, but enjoyed it! She had such a good time, that as soon as the ride was done, she was ready for another.

So we went next door to the Timber Terror. Again she slipped in under the wire and hung on tightly to Aunt Kristina. After that ride, though, she was done with the roller coasters for a while and went on to try the log ride, the Thunder Canyon whitewater ride, the airplane and helicopter rides, and the twirl-a-cup.

I have two images to view. The first is zoomed in on Theresa and Kristina, and the second is the wide shot where you can also see the parents cringing in the back.

I'll have the rest of our July photos up in a few days. Until then enjoy the Tremors!

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