he latest news: Catherine is jabbering like crazy while Joseph is starting to brave the world of the bipeds. Theresa is greatly enjoying all the visitors we have been having.


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July photos

The highlight of this set of pictures is Theresa's 1st roller coaster ride, the Tremors. She is holding on tight as she zooms past at 60 miles per hour. Click to read the full story and see the full image. (Sorry about the picture quality. Its a scan from the photo.) I hope to have more July pics up soon, now that we have twice the disk space.

June photos

We had a busy June with visitors and trips. The month started off with our 5th anniversary on June 5th. Uncle Matt McA was by for the second time this year. We all had a nice time visiting the Malones in New Mexico. The month ended with a visit from the Kosh girls and Uncles Matt U and Bernie.

May photos

May wouldn't have started off right without a visit from Uncle Matthew McA. We also ventured down to Portland to see our nephew Sean Malone win 3rd place and $1000 in the International Science Fair. Brian Wiese, an old college roommate and household brother, was in town and joined us for dinner one evening. We polished off the month of May with a visit from our Idaho family.

April photos

It isn't everyone that gets to have their Grandmother, or Gommie as she's known here, stay with us for six weeks. Here we capture the second half of her visit that included Easter, the Tulip festival, and an early birthday party for Theresa. We also were able to attend our new niece and Goddaughter's baptism in Idaho, which, fortunately for Theresa, was the day before her birthday, so she was able to celebrate with her Idaho grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

March photos

Gommie's Visit Part I ... coming soon.



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